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I'm celebrating my 20 years work anniversary with Citrix products as an administrator, consultant, and for the last 14 years as an independent freelancer. I started with MetraFrame 1.1 on Windows server NT 4.0, and back then, it was not easy to keep servers running. Every day I had several BSOD, and it was expected, I could only stabilize the environment by getting rid of third-party printer drivers. Back then, the drivers were executed within the kernel space and quickly crashed servers. The next battle was the Token-Ring Thin Clients with a Citrix Client running on Microsoft MS-DOS! Always a topic, the hardware memory was never enough and expensive....

That's a long time ago, and many things happened to technology and my personal life, but it seems like some things are still a topic. We have the paperless Office now… no, just kidding, printing is still often an issue, and what about the expensive RAM? It's relatively cheap but wait, not in the cloud! Ok, but at least the bad MS-DOS based Citrix Client... hmm, when I think about it, the MS-DOS Client was woking, but I don't know about the Citrix WorkspaceApp? For over twenty years, I'm successfully helping Citrix customers or Citrix admins with their problems and have been awarded for my work many times by Citrix. When customers hire me, other consultants have looked into the issue and sometimes Citrix and or Microsoft. 

After twenty years of working with Citrix, I had a lot of fun, and I'm sure there is more to come. I made friends, and I miss quite some of them because I'm not in the US anymore to meet them. Shout out to Shawn, Jay, Garry, Rick, Doug, Jeff, Thomas, Benny, Thorsten, Brian, Ron, Brad, and many more!  Thanks to all who have supported me over the years, to my customers, visitors of my website and who has attended my public sessions as a presenter!

One main problem was the Windows logon, and 18 years ago, I wrote a lot on how to solve them or make the login process faster. Today we still fight the Windows logon, and here is my list of "Common Logon issues and how to solve them" article.


Stay healthy, stay safe

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