As described in the Citrix article "How to implement the Override Ica ClientName feature for StoreFront", the ClientName for the Workspace app (Receiver App Store) cannot be overwritten.  Overriding the ClientName would only work with "Receiver for Web" (RfW), i.e. the StoreFront website, and then the ClientName becomes WR_ClientName. This is true for the StoreFront integrated feature, which can be activated via the advanced store settings. Fortunately, there is another, much more flexible option!

This article deals with the Citrix Cloud Network Locations Services (NLS) and explains why "Undefined" is the new external at Citrix. If you are dealing with the network locations, you might get confused because the wording might not be quite correct, at least for me.

Citrix recently published Cloud Network Locations to get back some "SmartAccess" options customers had with Netscaler ADC. With the Network Locations set, you can use TAGs to enable or disable policies, for instance. This is nice for a company with owned fixed public IP-addresses, but what if you have a dynamic IP-address that might change now and then? Here is a solution that I use myself.

The Citrix universal printer driver (UPD) can generate big spool files. Printing within the LAN and big print data is not dramatic, but over WAN connection the print data can become a massive issue. Quite often printouts from Adobe documents but also other files like Word etc. can become very big.

How does it come to such big print data and how to avoid it? If you know about it, then you can reduce the size by 99%!

After implementing Citrix Universal Print Server (UPS), you might run quickly into error message "0x00000709", when printing. The reason for that is that Printer vendor set their printer to RawOnly, even the printer can work with different format like EMF. Citrix UPS uses EMF only and the source of the error message.

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