Last week I started a poll on Twitter about paying for Citrix Netscaler HDX Proxy, even Citrix announced at their own Synergy Event it's for FREE. I'm pretty sure the audience was cheering about that.

Let's have a look at the result and what we can do with that.

At Synergy 2016 Citrix announced Netscaler HDX Proxy but what is it really? We all know how much customer LOVE the extremely OLD and FREE Webinterface (WI) and Secure Gateway (SG) for HDX sessions (XenApp / XenDesktop). Webinterface was replaced with StoreFront (SF) and as I announced retired Webinterface with the 3.5 release ( read more about it ).

Time is an important value for authentification and other things and the reason to ensure from the beining it's working in your setup. Deploying Citrix Netscaler in a High Availability (HA) paair is very common, especially when we are talking about the VPX editions. First thing you should ensure is that the time between both Netscaler are in sync.