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There are two very nasty pitfalls when using Citrix StoreFront with the native Workspace App. The result will be that users cannot launch any new session or must reset their Workspace App at best! The changes are very tiny but can screw your running environment terribly. So here are the things you should look after and keep in mind.

Lets start with the StoreFront Delivery Controller display name. In the early days of StoreFront and with the old Webinterface you can change the display name at any time without thinking it could do any harm. Now these days are over and once you changed the Delivery Controller display name of an existing StoreFront store, no further session can be launched! The reason for that is, that Citrix now uses this name within the launch request! You will find an error in the eventlog: Failed to launch the resource .<Delivery Controller New Display Name>.<Appname> $S5-9 as it was not found. So you have to rename it back to: <Delivery Controller Display Name>. In my opinion, that is a bad development because a "display name" should not have that kind of impact. If the administrator changes the display name, Citrix should also change the launch string. 

Display Name


Next is the StoreFront Store ID. Never heard of it? Every Store within Storefront has a unique identity, the "store ID". When you use the Workspace App and connect to a store for the very first time, then along with many other things, the store ID is sent to the client and used in the registry. That's the reason why you can have multiple "Store" names in the Workspace App because even everything is called "Store" they have all their very own store ID. You can find store IDs in the registry under HKCU\Software\Citrix\Receiver\SR\Store or in the web.config file within the store folder in the IIS directory.
What's the problem, you ask? If you have to set up a new Storefront for what every reason, not joining the cluster, and you haven't made a backup of the configuration using a Powershell command, then you will get a new store ID and existing Workspace App users will then fail to launch anything. Users then must rest the Workspace App to get the new store ID and then things will start to work again.

Therefore, make sure you have a backup of your StoreFront configuration: export and import the Storefront configuration

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