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Upgrading the Citrix Virtual Delivery Agent (VDA) seems to be more and more a problem than an easy process. I don't understand it anyway why the VDA cannot be pushed by the DDC on request. Meanwhile, we have to fight Citrix and Microsoft to get the VDA installed or upgraded. Here are points you should follow to be successful.


  • Citrix is using an "NT Service" account for the Telemetry Service that requires logon as service permission. This can be done by using a group policy and allow "NT Service\All Service" logon as a Service
  • The Upgrade might also fail with the error 1603 or 1911 for TelemetryServiceInstaller_x64.msi or IcaTS_x64.msi due to a Microsoft security update pushed by the Windows update service. There is a policy to disable the fix but never worked for me. Only uninstalling the Hotfix KB3072630 is solving the problem. 
  • You still might be not successful and the reason is another Microsoft Hotfix KB3139923 that needs to be uninstalled first
  • ...and another one KB3075249
  • A rare condition but worth a look if you still run into an issue is to check the Installer registry key of the current user who is used to install the VDA
    • Make sure there no entries of Citrix components in:

I had ALL of the issues listed before but at the end the VDA installed successfully and Citrix released an KB for that issue too http://support.citrix.com/article/CTX212981


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