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I had several incidents now with customers and the Citrix universal print server (UPS) that I like to share with you. Many complain that UPS is not working are based on missing information not published by Citrix.

Here is the situation. The customer turns on the universal print server policy, doesn't matter with what option. Then they want to test the UPS and most often didn't work, meaning the native driver is used instead of the Citrix UPD.

The critical information that is missing is that you must restart the spool service and with it the Citrix print service on all target systems. Also, there shouldn't be any user working at that time. If you do, the users might get printers in an undefined state getting all kinds of errors. The same is true when you turn of UPS! So basically, set policy to enable the universal print server and then reboot all target servers.

Another side note. Don't you get a printout? Pause the printer on the print server and print again from the VDA. If the print data left the server, then UPD between VDA and UPS is working! Does the print data not getting to the printer queue, then the UPS service and the printer driver do have an issue. Use CDF trace to find out more, but most often you need to use a different printer driver.

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