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As described in the Citrix article "How to implement the Override Ica ClientName feature for StoreFront", the ClientName for the Workspace app (Receiver App Store) cannot be overwritten.  Overriding the ClientName would only work with "Receiver for Web" (RfW), i.e. the StoreFront website, and then the ClientName becomes WR_ClientName. This is true for the StoreFront integrated feature, which can be activated via the advanced store settings. Fortunately, there is another, much more flexible option!

My old buddy Simon Frost published an adaptation back in December 2017 that has significantly more options for changing the ClientName. So not only WR_ClientName as with the integrated function, but also with the current username, user domain, DeviceID and much more and these can also be combined. Ultimately, there are no limits, as this is available as source code and can be customized according to your own wishes.

But let's get back to the actual point of the article! Simon's code also changes the client name of the Worksapce app accordingly! Apart from the obvious fact that the ClientName is different in the ICA session, there is something else that can be achieved with this. Anyone using Citrix DaaS could not differentiate between internal and external before the "Network Locations" feature. If on-prem StoreFront servers are connected to Citrix Cloud and the client name is changed, then this can be used in the Citrix policies to differentiate. If I come via the DaaS StoreFront, then the ClientName is the same as ClientName, but internally, it would then be WR_ClientName, for example. This means that in a Citrix policy, client drive mapping could only be allowed for client names WR_ClientName.

I have not yet been able to find a customization of the ClientName in the Citrix DaaS StoreFront. Here is the link to Simon's code Rewriting the session clientname from storefront, thanks to Simon Frost!


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