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Microsoft in there best moments came up with pining items (shortcuts etc.) to the new Jump List. This is all crap, not just for the reason that Microsoft uses a binary key for the list and the corresponding link needs to be in place, it's also not configurable through group policies!

Now you will find quite some scripts (VB, PoSh..) out on the Internet and even Citrix has build-in a script into their products to alter the jump list during logon using PoSh. That script has it's limitation and is just crap to fix Microsoft crap - crap to fix crap. Creating a link to an exe is simple but something with a command parameter, special shell links...whole different story.

 So I was search, trying stuff etc. to basically do something that should be very simple: "Add a shortcut to the jump list" for all users from a command line. I almost gave up when I found a simple FREE tool to do just that! This little tool is awesome! You can run it from a network share, pointing to a shortcut that's also on a network share. It also checks that you don't create the same shortcut a second time and automatically removes one! 

I just love it! Citrix should buy the code and make something nice of it in a ways that Citrix admins can easily configure the jump list.

The tool is from Winaero and called "Pin to 8" but they also have something for 7 ;-)


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