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With Internet Explorer 11 and above you must use the group policy Control Panel Settings within the Preferences. In previous versions of Internet Explorer and group policy you could use the Internet Explorer Maintanance but was causing a lot of trouble. The reason why Microsoft completly removed it from group policy. Instead you have to use the preferences and here are some frindly advies on what to look out for.

First thing you might be surprised that the is no selection for Internet Explorer 11


Don't worry the Internet Explorer (IE) 10 entry is good for up to IE 999. After you created a new entry you can rename it to Internet Explorer 11 or whatever you like to. Then, hopefully, the familia Internet Explorer 10 Properties dialog pops-up for you to make the settings you like.





  1. Underlines indicate that this field is not active. To activate you need to press F5

  2. You must configure everything, otherwise the default will be used as "Start with tabs from last session"

  3. Do NOT use "Start with tabs from last session" because it will create a tons of Internet Explorer processes that do not close!

  4. Some properties can still be configured in other places of the group policy but you should not do that.

Make sure you set, that the policy is applied in the user security context (not set by default, but should).

Now there is a stupid story to setting the policy in the users security context. If you do you will get eventlog entries on the system where the user logs on too. The eventlog tells you something about a security issue not able to apply the policy. Nevertheless the policy DOES apply!

In case you run the policy NOT in the users security context, then you will not get any eventlog entry anymore. Hurray you might think BUT...

this will make some Internet Explorer registry settings in the use hive that the user itself will have no access anymore. This leads to problems with Internet Explorer integrated authentification etc. 


Therefore I highly advise to just ignore the eventlog error messages!




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