Citrix XenDesktop/XenApp 7.x is lacking on some features or functions that was in XenApp for many years. Personally I don't understand why Citrix didn't build them in the product from day one XenDesktop 7 was released. Now Citrix is just creating workarounds on customer requests. What I'm talking about you ask? 


You publish a server Desktop and is bound to a delivery group. The delivery group GUI has no option: to limit the visibility (need PoSh to do so), cannot change the size (not everyone want's desktop viewer, need to tweak ica files), no option to change the Desktop icon (need PoSh) and no option to automatically create a desktop link on the client desktop (need Receiver command line parameter, registry key).

Then you do change the desktop icon with PoSh and the Online Plug-In Version 12x shows the new custom icon just fine! Now let's upgrade to the latest Receiver and guess what, the custom icon is gone and everything looks the same again. 

Now there is another PoSh to overwrite that again but then users are already screwed with the generic icons. Then you have to delte the Citrix folder in the user profile to finally get the custom icon back.   

If you are using old Citrix clients (Online Plug-In) with StoreFront and XenApp/XenDesktop 7.x you are unable to push the desktop icon to the Client desktop. Again you need to tweak StoreFront in order for the client to show all apps on the client desktop and therefore also the published Desktop.

Here you go, workarounds everywhere to do something that is still so simple in XenApp 6.5 and earlier releases!