In my opinion, Citrix Director is the best peace in XenDesktop 7 if you don't see it as a replacement for EdgeSight. That is what Citrix does, calls it an EdgeSight replacement but again, in my opinion, was a mistake to do. For customer who really used or still use EdgeSight, the "New" EdgeSight is more or less a joke. For those customers, Citrix must come up with something else or acquire another software or company for it like "Nexthing".

Again, Director "EdgeSight" is a nice integration but here is my list that could be better and let's hope Citrix will do something about it.

Out of real world experience, I had with Citrix Director, here is my "Wish-List".

The Director Wish-List 

  1. "Shadow-Only" role permission
    Users with "Shadow-Only" login to Director and can search for users (incl. scope filter). Once they picked the right user, they get a page or pop-up with only the shadow option (maybe shadow right away). Not everyone like "normal" user to see too many Details about another user.

  2. Application details
    In the activity Manager, you can see the application details like what website the user has open right now. Not good! This is a privacy concern and should be fixed ASAP!

  3. Application usage for none published apps
    Available only for published applications, why? I can get all the application details but not trackable? What about a customer who primarily uses publish desktops?

  4. Ressource (RAM, CPU, I/O) usage per Server, delivery Group
    You can use the load index but that says nothing (even you have set advanced LB), you can maybe create custom reports BUT it should be there out of the box!

  5. Ability to set Service Level Agreements (SLA's)
    Set levels, green, yellow and red for RAM, CPU, I/O and login duration. Then a customer can run a report and the admin or manager gets an email notification.
  6. Button placement or confirmation of some actions
    Want to shadow a user? The button for logoff user is right next to it and if you do a "miss click", the user get's logged off without any confirmation! So either change the Locations but better get some confirmation on those actions. Logoff is not the only one...

  7. Awesome! I can see the logon duration in detail in the dashboard. Very detailed down to gpo timing etc. BUT where is the list of users for it! If you have hundreds of users logging on in a short time you still have to find a bunch of users. Director shows something like, happened between 8:00 and 8:05 and might be 10-50 users! Now find the one that had a Long logon duration! Citrix, make it easier to find those users so I can do something about the slow logon!

  8. HDX-Insight Integration
    Cool that I can get the data from Netscaler but for the extra money spending on Netscaler Enterprise its not worth what I get in Director. The way it is - it should be for free!

  9. Where is the "NOT" filter when searching, showing users? You use a service account to install Software? Then you will get the user quite often but I don't want too! So a NOT filter would be great!


What else would YOU like to see on the wish-list?



Michel Hämmerle
0 # RE: The Citrix Director Wish-ListMichel Hämmerle 2016-05-18 11:30
Nice Wish-list :-) , what i need is just simple: User Session Idle Time !!
Faye Jasman
0 # RE: The Citrix Director Wish-ListFaye Jasman 2016-09-21 20:37
I agree, how is idle time not a viewable item?
0 # RE: The Citrix Director Wish-ListNikolaj 2016-05-18 11:39
Would like all "data" available in director that is available in Studio when searching for sessions og machines.
Example - i want to fint specific machines located on a specific host - possible in studio but not in director. This is with alot of the metrics.
0 # RE: The Citrix Director Wish-ListNikolaj 2016-05-18 11:40
Searching for specific sessions based on high latency or other metric values that is present in director data - but not "searchable". In the old XD5 director a collection og high latency sessions was showed - this is gone in the new director.
Steven Noel
+1 # RE: The Citrix Director Wish-ListSteven Noel 2016-05-18 13:45
#2 i believe there is a registry setting for. Not ideal, but its there.
Thomas Kötzing
0 # RE: The Citrix Director Wish-ListThomas Kötzing 2016-05-18 14:24
If you have the registry key and share it would be great :-)
Thomas Kötzing
0 # RE: The Citrix Director Wish-ListThomas Kötzing 2016-05-19 07:17

That disables the display of all apps all together and is not what I want. Don't show the web site that is opened or the title of an email that says "fire that stupid admin..."
Guna Sekhar
0 # RE: The Citrix Director Wish-ListGuna Sekhar 2016-05-26 08:31
Problem with removing Windows titles is, that if user has 2 instances of Chrome and admin wants to end one app, admin won't be able to differentiate which one to stop (as without title it will show up as same). for privacy we have the settings to disable apps tab.
Thomas Kötzing
0 # RE: The Citrix Director Wish-ListThomas Kötzing 2016-05-26 09:20
Fair enough but stil would be nice to have as an option
0 # NeededArtur 2016-05-18 14:47
Reporting - we need all "reall" edgesight reporting back!
Real time troubleshooting- the same as we have in Edgesight with all details

Absolutely right - director compare to edgesight is one big joke from Citrix.
Yoni Avital
0 # ControlUp can help hereYoni Avital 2016-05-23 18:35
Hi Thomas,

Nice list, I think (but correct me if I am wrong) that ControlUp pretty much covers most of these requested features, right?
Thomas Kötzing
+1 # RE: ControlUp can help hereThomas Kötzing 2016-05-24 06:59
ControlUp for me grows more and more to a standard product for Citrix envrionments because it closes a lot of gaps that Citrix has.
Yoni Avital
0 # RE: ControlUp can help hereYoni Avital 2016-05-26 15:24
Thanks Thomas!
Based on the traffic we see in our Synergy booth I have to agree with you...
Sébastien Baars
0 # RE: The Citrix Director Wish-ListSébastien Baars 2016-05-23 20:58
Nice list, maby a feature request is a view for multi XD site together. So you can see what your overall numbers all. Also good for reporting for management.

Greatings Sébastien
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