Storefront Certs

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johnmcc215 erstellte das Thema Storefront Certs

Hi, We're still running WI 5.4, we'll be migrating to Storefront 3.11

Our storefont server FQDN would be

we will be load balancing the 2 storefront servers.

OUR gateway VIP would be , this we have a wildcard for. (available to the outside world)

Not sure what kind of certificates I'd use with this, wondering if SSL Offload would work for us due to the names of the storefront servers.

Certs are obviously not my strong suit, but that will change.

Thanks in advance!

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koetzing antwortete auf das Thema: Storefront Certs

Depends what you want to do excatly. You can use basially any kind of cert public or private


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